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It was Monday and I was enjoying a quiet morning on the computer and Maintenance was puttering around my entryway when I got an unexpected text from David :. I told the maintenance guy I had to shower because a friend was coming...
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Top definition. A nasal spray invovles male ejaculate sperm being force fed into another humans nasal cavity. Often following oral stimulation of the erect male form, the nasal spray is easily disguised as a cum facial.
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I love it when a man cums up my nose seriously. It's warm and the smell stays with me for days after.
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Cum in my nose
I think the first shot might have gone up and I inhaled at the same time.. so of course, I got cum in my nasal cavity and it came dripping out of my nose. WORST .It has truly surprising health benefits. A very famous study actually found that male semen can reduce nasal congestion, decrease the frequency of nosebleeds, and reduce the growth of nose hair. Another study from a very prominent university provided inconclusive, but promising, evidence that semen can actually reduce the frequency of long-term allergies. Most men have a repressed nose fetish that literally nobody is talking about. I mean, it makes sense, right? Let go of the repression people, embrace it.... Read more