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God bless you, you wonderful angel. Anal sex is kind of the biggest deal ever.
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Illustration by Alex Jenkins. Everyone loves orgasms, right?
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While these two things are not mutually exclusive, one does not automatically predict or determine the other. My evidence: Gay total tops exist, and there are many straight men in the world who love getting fingered, pegged, and played with — in the butt.
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Everyone has their own sexual desires — but not everyone likes to talk about them, feeling ashamed or embarrassed, worried that they may be judged. But in reality, loads of us share the same sexual desires.
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Why are men so afraid of their own backside? The Guyliner asks real men why they do and don't experiment with anal and explains what to do if you're interested in getting to know your prostate. Will we ever put our little hangups about the male G-spot behind us?
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Apple Podcasts Android. My Dad is in his mids, and the rate at which his friends are getting prostate cancer is staggering. I also found a study that compared overall cancer rates in gay men vs straight men.
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In fact, that very possibility might explain why something like 60 percent of the adult population has never once, in our entire boring little lives, dared to have anal sex, let alone place our tongue, however gingerly, on or about the butt hole of another person. I get that. And for straight men, the numbers are even smaller.
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