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Micah Ables February 5, It took the US infantry fifty-five years and thousands of deaths to abandon the idea of trench warfare. It took the US cavalry twenty-five years to accept that armored tanks were better than horses against a machine gun.
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The flight of the wife of a US diplomat following a fatal crash gives the UK just cause to show the ambassador the door. Associates had been working with the former New York mayor on a campaign to discredit and...
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Greg Jeloudov was 35 and new to America when he decided to join the Army. Like most soldiers, he was driven by both patriotism for his adopted homeland and the pragmatic notion that the military could be a first step in a career that would enable him to provide for his new...
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Gay and trans soldiers in South Korea face violence, harassment and pervasive discrimination due to the criminalization of consensual sex between men in the military, Amnesty International said as it released a new report outlining why this unjust law must be abolished. In South Korea, it is compulsory for all...
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Quil Lawrence. Jamie Livingston was sexually abused while serving in the Navy.
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Riemer was charged with 13 offenses based on detailed statements given by a number of recently enlisted female soldiers, according to court papers. He pled guilty to six of the charges; the others were dismissed.
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Jamie Hopes, 24, tricked around 40 boys he met online into sending him indecent videos of themselves — believing they were talking to a teen girl. After entering a guilty plea to several charges related to child pornography and causing a child to engage in...
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Masculinity, sexuality and the body of male soldiers. Pietermartizburg, Manka yiN ukzn.
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Those military males want sex outside
Interpretation is focused on the manner in which soldiers in the South African neglect of the body in theorising gender in terms of the sex-gender conceptual divide, and performance in the identity of the military man poignantly: "Soldiers like to terrain for the performance of masculinity in and outside of military contexts.When Congress decided in to integrate women into Army units, the Pentagon was told to make the rules. There were bound to be consequences. Now the Army and the rest of the uniformed services confront a problem arising from the regulations put in force 18 years ago. The mistake the Army made was to adopt regulations that were far too broad in prohibiting sex between officers and enlisted personnel, and between superiors and inferiors within those separate ranks, at any and all times during duty periods, which can stretch to 24 hours a day out of Yet when men and women live in the same barracks, with showers just down the hall, eat in the same mess halls, train together, work long hours and spend off-duty hours together -- and frequently share off-post housing as well -- they are bound to find the time to have sex. The regulations are routinely violated, and everyone in the Army knows this is so, despite the Casa-blancaesque ''I'm shocked -- shocked! Commanders have forgotten how the game is played.... Read more