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The black rhinoceros or hook-lipped rhinoceros Diceros bicornis is a species of rhinoceros , native to eastern and southern Africa including Botswana , Kenya , Malawi , Mozambique , Namibia , South Africa , Eswatini , Tanzania , Zambia , and Zimbabwe. Although the rhinoceros is referred to as...
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Charles Barkley recently explained why "we as black people are never going to be successful. When you are black, you have to deal with so much crap in your life from other black people," Barkley said.
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A federal lawsuit filed on Monday by a former employee of an Overland, Kan. The plaintiff's lawyer, Gerald Gray, states that the reason white employees gave for not serving black customers was that "blacks don't give good tips. Gary Lovelace, a year-old...
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The American black bear Ursus americanus is a medium-sized bear native to North America. It is the continent's smallest and most widely distributed bear species. American black bears are omnivores , with their diets varying greatly depending on season and location.
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Find out all the black bear facts you've always wanted to know, as well as the best places to see black bears in the wild. By Sarah McPherson. The black bear Ursus americanus is the smallest, yet most common, of the three bear species found...
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All rights reserved. Black bears are North America's most familiar and common bears. They typically live in forests and are excellent tree climbers, but are also found in mountains and swamps.
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Wild blacks
The American black bear (Ursus americanus) is a medium-sized bear native to North America. .. The biggest wild American black bear ever recorded was a male from New Brunswick, shot in November , that weighed kg ( lb) after.Wikimedia Commons Black cowboys helped settle the Old West, yet their contributions are rarely in the history books. Following the Civil War and Reconstruction, America turned its attention to settling lands in the Great Plains and to the west. Despite what you might have seen in movies, the American West was settled by a large portion of freed slaves. In the s and s, as many as 25 percent of the 35, cowboys in the Old West were black cowboys. Freed slaves headed west to find their fortunes among cattle ranches and rows of crops. As slaves, blacks were in charge of crops and took care of cows for their white owners, and the availability of land presented a new opportunity for many to escape the South.... Read more